Best Summer Cocktails

7 of the Best Gin Summer Cocktails

With the summer months fast approaching, the allure of cocktails grows. Today, we’re going to be exploring some of the best gin summer cocktails. What could be better than combining two favourites…

Monkey 47 - Rose Monkey Cocktail

Rose Monkey 47 Cocktail Fizz

Created with Monkey 47 as its base, Rose Lemonade and Prosecco, this simple serve is ideal for any summer’s day. Overall this cocktail provides a crisp, refreshing taste which is enhanced by…

Whitley Neill – Blood Orange Paloma

Whitley Neill – Blood Orange Paloma

This take on the traditional Paloma, typically made with Tequila, puts a delicious twist on this refreshing serve. This beautifully zesty Paloma Cocktail is enhanced by the Blood Orange Whitley Neill Gin.…

Edinburgh Gin - Orange Blossom

Edinburgh Gin – Orange Blossom & Mandarin with Orange Tonic

Crafted with the highly popular and highly refreshing Edinburgh Gin Liqueur Orange Blossom & Mandarin, this cocktail is an absolute joy to drink. This cocktail instills summer scents, with a sweet zesty…

Sipsmith Classic London Dry

Sipsmith Classic Gin & Tonic

This highly refreshing London Dry Gin is the perfect candidate for a Classic G&T. Sipsmith Classic Gin & Tonic Sipsmith London Dry is nothing short of a premium gin, with overtones of…

Gin Mare Lavender Summer Cocktail

Gin Mare Summer Lavender Infusion

This Lavender Infusion provides a gentle, floral, invigorating serve which is the ideal drink for a warm summer’s day. Gin Mare Summer Lavender Infusion This drink brings to mind memories of flowing…


Manchester Raspberry Gin Clover Club Cocktail

The classic Clover Club cocktail, known for its bright pink colour, is a cocktail made for sipping. With its rich, silky texture and gin-kick it’s been a long-standing crowd pleaser. Manchester Raspberry…

Raspberry Meringue Delight

Raspberry Meringue Delight Cocktail

This sweet, smooth and fruity cocktail works perfectly with the Eden Mill Gin Liqueur and introduces a Meringue element into a cocktail.  Raspberry Meringue Delight The Raspberry Meringue Delight Cocktail produces a…


Orange & Cacao White Lady Cocktail

Brought to you by the folks at Sipsmith this Orange & Cacao White Lady is a delicious yet simple serve to impress friends and family and works brilliantly for dinner parties. Orange…