Wessex Alfred The Great Gin Review

Wessex Gin Review

Crafted by Wessex Distillery, this beautifully bottled gin is a thing of beauty, both inside and out. Its majestically smooth flavour profile is a stunning example of what we consider a true gin should be.

ABV: 41.3%
Price: £29.95 (currently offered with a FREE Hand Sanitiser)
Recommended Garnish: Apple wedge or Orange twist
Notable Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Aniseed, Orange Citrus, Soft Floral, Honey finish
Website: wessexdistillery.com

Wessex Distillery – Wessex Gin Overview

Wessex Gin is crafted by Wessex Distillery which launched in 2017 by the Clark family, with the aim of producing a variety of exceptional fresh and fruity gins using fresh, locally grown natural ingredients. Now, this might sound like a short space of time to create such a masterful gin, however leading the team is Jonathan Clark, who is no stranger to the gin business. Jonathan set up and ran the City of London Distillery on Bride Lane off Fleet Street until 2017, where his best friend Guy remains the head distiller.

Wessex Distillery

If you were to pick the perfect background to have in the gin industry, Jonathan’s certainly comes close. In the early days Jonathan was guided by three of the most successful distillers in the country. These industry masters of the trade taught Jonathan how to make a proper gin, evidence of which is seen today within the Wessex Gin range.

“Wessex Gin is a smooth, clean, piney juniper forward gin with delicately infused citrus, earthy botanicals and a touch of honey spice finish. Wessex Gin is a shining example of what a true London Dry Gin should be.”

Jonathan picked up the fine art of distilling quickly and is now able to use this wealth of expertise and knowledge when creating Wessex Gin, whilst also sharing this wisdom by teaching Amy Clark and Chris Clark the tricks of the trade. We’ve no doubt this experienced background has played a key role in creating something truly special at Wessex Distillery, and it’s safe to say this family-run distillery has a very bright future ahead of them.

In more recent times Wessex Distillery have put efforts to making hand sanitiser after an increase in friends and businesses calling in. Initially producing 10,000 Litres as a donation to the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Wessex Gin Hand Sanitiser
Wessex Distillery Hand Sanitiser

Wessex Alfred The Great Gin

We’ve been very excited about trying Wessex ‘Alfred The Great’ Gin for some time, its stunning bottle is something which captivates the eye and with a name like ‘Alfred The Great’ you know there’s going to be some historical references which tie in nicely with this gin.

Wessex Distillery Gin

As you’d expect with this type of calibre of background in the gin industry, Wessex Gin does not disappoint, this exceptionally smooth gin is actually something quite special. Going into this gin is a range of ingredients true to the time Alfred The Great reigned as King of Wessex. Historians identified which plants were grown at this time thanks to historical manuscripts from the Anglo-Saxons. These manuscripts were entitled ‘Herbarium’, over a hundred traditional herbs which focussed on herbal healing remedies and how to use them.

This includes herbs such as medicinal chervil, which adds an undertone of aniseed to the flavour profile. Chervil reportedly soothed ailments such as stomach problems, lower blood pressure and improve circulation, some ailments which Alfred The Great reportedly suffered from.

The gin itself has a beautifully balanced, clean and crisp flavour profile. Leading with strong piney juniper and earthy angelica notes, followed with peppery coriander and light citrusy notes, finishing with some delicate floral tones and a long honey finish. We believe this gin is a shining example of what a true London Dry Gin should be.

Wessex Alfred The Great Gin Tasting Notes

Strong juniper, angelica and citrussy undertones
Clean, light, piney juniper, soft coriander and earthy tone, citrus, soft floral undertone
Clean, delicate but wonderfully refined and beautifully balanced. To truly take in all the effort that’s gone into this gin, try serving neat.

Serving Recommendation

Wessex Gin & Tonic

We recommend serving Wessex Gin in a good old-fashion gin and tonic. Try serving with a light tonic over ice, garnished with orange twist and some added juniper berries to truly take in the wonderful flavour and taste profile it has to offer. Wessex Gin also makes for a delightful Martini.

– 50ml Wessex Alfred the Great Gin
– 150ml Fever-Tree Light Tonic
– Orange twist and juniper berries or squeeze of lime and coriander sprig
– Serve over ice


Wessex Gin is a smooth, clean, piney juniper forward gin delicately infused with citrus and earthy botanicals, with a touch of honey spice finish. As well as the beautiful flavour profile, the breathtaking bottle design and history tied in with the gin really do make this gin something quite special. Wessex Gin is a real joy to drink and a must try for all true gin lovers.

Wessex Gin can be purchased from Wessex Distillery for £29.95 and is currently offered with a FREE bottle of hand sanitiser. Click here for more information.

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