G&Tea Handcrafted Cornish Gins Review

G&Tea Cornish Gin

Hailing from Cornwall, G&Tea is a truly unique range handcrafted Plough-to-Bottle gins that bring together a beautiful collaboration of locally grown and carefully selected botanicals infused with whole-leaf teas to create a sublime taste sensation.

ABV: 40%
The G&Tea Range: The Great Earl Gin, Cornish Cream Tea Gin, Eight-Tea Days Gin
Website: gandtea.uk

G&Tea Overview

G&Tea resides on a farming estate in the glorious Cornish countryside, where they also grow some of the botanicals that can be found in each of their gins. What makes the G&Tea range of gins standout amongst other gins on the market, is the method of distillation in which these gins are made. G&Tea is a true craft gin from start to finish.

The G&Tea range is a trio of distinct tea inspired gins that will delight the taste buds and dazzle the senses, this includes a world-first gin blend that perfectly captures the taste sensation of a classic Cornish Cream Tea.

The key botanicals in their gins are grown locally in Cornwall, these are infused with carefully sourced whole-leaf teas and additional botanicals from around the world, giving their gins a glorious, fresh twist. We’ve had the pleasure of being amongst the first to sample the G&Tea trio which includes, The Great Earl Gin, Cornish Cream Tea Gin and Eight-Tea Days Gin.

The G&Tea Range

The Great Earl Gin

A distinguished gin that headlines their fabulous G&Tea range. Infused with Ceylon tea sourced from the foothills of Sri Lanka, vibrant notes of bergamot, Lemon, bitter Spanish orange, warming Cornish Bay leaves and Macedonian Juniper.

The Great Earl Gin

Earl Grey followed with zesty orange, lemon, coriander and subtle floral.

Punchy orange and apricot tones mixed with coriander and angelica root, leading to subtle floral and earthy undertones.

Spicy coriander, angelica root, juniper with long subtle citrus tones.

Serving Recommendation

We recommend serving The Great Earl Gin over ice with premium tonic, garnished with orange wedge and cinnamon.

– 50 ml Great Earl Gin
– 150 ml Premium Tonic
– Garnish with orange wedge and cinnamon stick


1. Take a chilled gin balloon glass and fill with chunky ice.
2. Spray an orange peel, squeeze to spray oils over the ice, then add cinnamon and orange wedge to glass.
3. Pour over The Great Earl Gin and finish with 3 parts tonic.

Cornish Cream Tea Gin

Celebrating a traditional afternoon Cornish cream tea, this delicate gin incorporates their exclusive cream-tea blend with fresh Cornish Strawberries, Hibiscus and Rose-hips. Handcrafted in small batches in Cornwall, this gin makes the perfect souvenir.

Cornish Cream Tea Gin

Smooth, strawberries, mango, apricot.

Full-bodied with a creamy, velvety texture. Initial tones of mango, apricot and juniper, moving into more subtle undertones of strawberries, hints of hibiscus and coriander.

Long velvety finish, with hints of coriander, rosehip and mango.

Serving Recommendation

We recommend serving Cornish Cream Tea Gin over ice with fresh strawberries for garnish.

– 50 ml Cornish Cream Tea Gin
– 150 ml Premium Tonic
– Garnish with fresh strawberry slices and serve over ice.


1. Add chunky ice cubes, layered with the sliced fresh strawberries into a gin balloon glass.
2. Flavour the rim of the glass with the whole strawberry placing it on the edge to garnish.
3. Pour your Cornish Cream Tea Gin over the ice with strawberries and top off with premium tonic water.

Eight-Tea Days Gin

This worldly gin is a real voyage of discovery on the palate, including British Royal gala apples, Rose petals from Pakistan, Hungarian Orris root, Chinese Cassia and exotic Grains of Paradise from the Ivory Coast.

G&Tea Eight-Tea Gin

Fresh orange and apple with overtones of orris and cassia.

Lovely full-bodied citrus tones of orange and apple, accompanied by almond and cassia with punchy overtones of juniper.

Juniper, orris and cassia with subtle floral tones.

Serving Recommendation

We recommend serving Eight-Tea Days Gin with fresh apple or pear wedge.

– 50 ml Eight-Tea Days Gin
– 150 ml Premium Tonic
– Garnish with fresh apple or pear wedges (or both!).


1. Place chunky ice cubes into a chilled hi-ball glass.
2. Add apple or pear garnish, flavour the edge of the glass with the pear.
3. Pour in Eight-Tea Days Gin and top with premium tonic.


The G&Tea range encompasses what a true craft gin should be. Built on a foundation of locally grown botanicals, each of the G&Tea range brings something new and unique to the table, with the combination of traditional botanicals distilled with additional, more specialist botanicals such as Grains of Paradise in Eight-Tea Days Gin, Cornish Bay Leaves in The Great Earl Gin and Apricot Kernels in Cornish Cream Tea Gin.

Their smooth, clean yet delicately balanced flavour profiles make these gins a true joy to drink, and a must try for lovers of craft gins!

If you wish to try these gins, each of the G&Tea range can be purchased now from their website by clicking here.

G&Tea can also be found on Instagram by clicking here and Facebook by clicking here.

Sarah Evans

Author at Gin & Tonicly

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